What is Standpoint?

  • Standpoint, formerly known as the Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project (BWLAP), is a statewide organization whose mission is to promote justice for domestic and sexual violence victims.

  • We provide limited direct representation, legal information, training, litigation support, and expert support on program and legal issues.

  • Since 1996, our agency has established a statewide reputation as the premiere legal resource for domestic and sexual violence victims, as well as those who work with them including advocates, attorneys, and other systems professionals.

  • Standpoint exists to respond effectively to the constantly evolving legal needs of domestic and sexual violence victims and is the first resource people consult in a legal crisis.

Our Mission

To promote justice for domestic and sexual violence victims.

  • Standpoint serves ALL victims of domestic and sexual violence across the state of Minnesota, regardless of immigration and/or refugee status, nationality, religion, citizenship, race, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, or any other protected class.

  • Standpoint focuses on reducing barriers for under-represented and under-served populations.

  • We strive to understand the world from the "standpoint" of marginalized groups to better serve our statewide community of survivors and the support networks surrounding them.

  • Standpoint aims to be multi-cultural and multi-ethnic in all dimensions. Practicing egalitarian methods is at the heart of our organization.

Standpoint's Impact

Standpoint served the state of Minnesota for twenty years, as the Battered Women's Legal Advocacy Project (BWLAP). Today, we're holding true to the same support we've offered Minnesota and streamlining our mission to better serve Minnesota families and communities in the fight against domestic and sexual violence.  

  • Standpoint fields over 2,000 contact calls every year.

  • Standpoint trains over 500 professionals each year.

  • Standpoint protects victim’s confidentiality by quashing multiple subpoenas a year.

  • Standpoint has filed over 25 amicus curiae briefs since 1996.

  • Standpoint has helped over 50 battered and sexually assaulted immigrants obtain humanitarian immigration relief.