call on the advocates in your community

Standpoint responds to legal issues around domestic and sexual violence across the state of Minnesota. Advocates who answer these calls are familiar with a wide range of domestic and sexual violence related issues, including criminal prosecution and custody-related matters.

Help you navigate the Legal system

Standpoint is designed to assist practitioners who call seeking help or direction about problems in their jurisdictions. We also provide assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence. While Standpoint cannot represent individual victims or take your case, and probably cannot locate an attorney for you, staff may be able to provide helpful information about the legal system, help answer your legal questions, and provide referrals to other legal resources.

Ensure your voice is heard

We can help you focus your questions about the criminal and civil legal system which may facilitate your communication with the agencies or courts about your case. Many callers are simply grateful to speak with someone who listens, understands, and can provide some feedback and context about their situation. Staff who take calls are sensitive to the frustrations of victims of domestic and sexual violence, and make every effort to listen actively and with compassion.


Research indicates that immigrant women experience higher rates of physical and sexual abuse than non-immigrant women. The effect of domestic and sexual violence on immigrant victims is magnified due to fear of seeking assistance and cultural reasons. Immigrant women face a number of barriers to break free from the abuser.

contact standpoint

Callers can reach an advocate during normal business hours (M-F 9:00-4:00).  If you are calling outside of business hours, please leave a message, and Standpoint will return your call. We recommend contact via the phone rather than emailing for help. Not only is email an insecure form of communication, phone conversations allow us to provide you with more specific and concrete information.