Donate your old cell phone!

Many of you have old cell phones gathering dust in the bottom of a desk drawer. These phones can be put to good use, and you may receive a tax deduction based on the value of the phones you donate.

Our cell phone fundraiser program is sponsored by Smartphone Recycling (, a program ofGRC Wireless Recycling ( Through Smartphone Recycling, nonprofit organizations raise funds through the collection & recycling of used cell phones, and businesses & consumers donate & recycle cell phones to benefit nonprofit participants. Up to $300 (or more) will be earned for each donated phone. Smartphone Recycling offers environmentally responsible, zero landfill cell phone recycling.

You can donate your old cellular and smartphone phone by either dropping them off at our office or by sending your cell phones directly to Smartphone Recycling. Standpoint collects the cellular phones and sends them to Smartphone Recycling free of charge. Smartphone Recycling either reuses the phones or recycles them. Smartphone Recycling sends Standpoint a check for at least $0.50 and up to $300.00 for each cellular phone.

To Donate Your Cell Phone By Dropping it Off at standpoint

Call Standpoint at 612-343-9842 or 800-313-2666 or e-mail Standpoint to let us know when you will be coming by. 

Our address is:

1611 Park Avenue
Suite 2
Minneapolis, MN 55404

To Donate Your Cell Phone By Sending it to Smartphone recycling

Recycle 1-9 Phones

  1. Pack your cell phones and batteries in a sturdy box or padded envelope. Please do not include chargers or accessories.
  2. Be sure to deactivate the service on your cell phones.
  3. Mail your cell phones and batteries to:

    Battered Women's Legal Advocacy Project, Minneapolis, MN
    C/O Smartphone Recycling
    2201 S.W. 145th Ave, #209
    Miramar, FL 33027

To qualify for free shipping and a shipment receipt, please collect and recycle 10 or more cell phones! Reach out to family, friends and associates!

Recycle 10+ Phones

  1. Request a free recycling kit. You will receive the kit in 3-6 days.
  2. Ship your cell phones to Smartphone Recycling using the FedEx free shipping label.

10+ Cell Phones = Free Shipping!

10+ Cell Phones = Shipment Receipt!