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Thanks to grants, gifts and corporate and personal financial donations, Standpoint is able to serve and support Minnesota's statewide domestic and sexual violence needs through legal direct representation, legal information, training, litigation support, and expert support on program and legal issues. 


Please help support Standpoint's programming. Our thorough, relevant and timely resources make it possible for advocates across Minnesota to provide high quality services to domestic and sexual violence victims.

  • $10 will pay for our immigration attorney to mail one T visa application for a victim of trafficking

  • $25 will pay for one technical assistance call from an attorney working with a victim of domestic and sexual violence

  • $40 will pay for our Underserved Populations Support Advocate to attend a site visit with partner programs in greater Minnesota

  • $75 provides comprehensive safety planning for one victim of violence

  • $100 provides free legal advice for victims of domestic and sexual violence who are filing for divorce

  • $250 will provide a half-day training for advocates on legal resources for victims of domestic and sexual violence

  • $5000 will fund a legal clinic, including transportation, to help victims of domestic and sexual violence expunge their criminal convictions

  • $10000 will fund our monthly webinar series on YouTube for an entire year

  • $15000 will keep the Standpoint Action Line running for three months

  • $20000 will cover Standpoint’s office rent for one year

  • $25000 will fund the pro-bono attorney program for victims of trafficking

  • $30000 will fund our annual New Laws training held at six sites throughout the state of Minnesota to keep advocates for victims of domestic and sexual violence up to date on new statutory and case law.

If you wish to set up a monthly donation, to donate via your PayPal account, or to donate with your credit card, please click on the Donate button below


Standpoint also partners with PayPal Giving Fund, which absorbs any fees included with your donation and produces tax receipts.


Donate Your Cell Phones


Please consider donating any cell phones that you no longer use, no matter the condition. Either drop them off at the Standpoint office or send your cell phones directly to our partner, Smartphone Recycling.

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